Dr Steven Baker

B.A., MSc., PgDip. (Psych.), PhD, CPsychol, FHEA

Research fellow in Cognitive Psychology


Department of Natural and Social Sciences, Francis Close Hall, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 4AZ, U.K. Tel: (01242) 714686


Steven is a research fellow in cognitive psychology and is involved with the teaching of practical seminars and dissertation projects delivered as part of the undergraduate program.  Steven also coordinates and trains the research assistants who volunteer within CRACKLE and is a member of the research team working on the new Erasmus funded FireMind Project.

As a member of the CRACKLE research team Steven’s PhD research investigated the effects of subliminal emotional stimuli on conscious decision-making.  Using dense-array EEG, Steven sought evidence of neurophysiological markers of subliminal information on the cognitive decision-making process.  As part of this research he also investigated the cognitive neuroscience behind the processing of faces and visual threat.  In addition to conducting ongoing EEG research, Steven has a keen interest in researching the practical implications of using virtual reality hardware in the study of decision-making and emotion.

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Conference Presentations

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Sheppard, A., Alford, C. & Baker, S. (2015) Electroencephalographic and skin conductance responses to the process of chocolate anticipation and satisfaction in cravers versus non-cravers.  British Psychological Society Psychobiology Section Annual Scientific Meeting, Windermere, September.

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