Dr Kerry Rees


Senior Lecturer, psychology

+44 (0)1242 714608
Department of Natural and Social Sciences, Francis Close Hall, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 4AZ, U.K.


Kerry Rees’ research encompasses emotional and social aspects of cognitive processing. He studies three main areas:

(1) Social values (e.g., freedom, achievement, helpfulness) are abstract principles that people use to guide their lives,  especially interested in value conflict and its effects on experienced emotion and well-being.
(2) Self-regulatory focus, concerns the distinct strategies people use to pursue goals.  These distinct strategies evoke specific types of emotional experience (e.g., pride, dejection, agitation) and produce specific psychological and physiological outcomes.
(3) Nonconscious processes: Specifically, the way in which are people are influenced beyond their awareness.