Dr Chris Alford



Chris Alford is a Reader in Applied Psychology at UWE and is a collaborator and advisor on CRACKLE projects. He graduated as a biologist and then did an MSc in Applied Psychology at Aston University, later completing his PhD in Psychology at Leeds University.  He has held academic positions at Aston and other Universities (e.g. Leeds, Warwick), and as well as his work with CRACKLE, he has done collaborative research with groups at Bristol, Loughborough and Oxford investigating sleep and fatigue in transport operations for the civil Aviation Authority, BAE Systems and the Ford Motor Company.  He developed the sleep laboratory at Leeds University, did research for the pharmaceutical industry which continued when he became Senior Research Fellow at Surrey University. He then moved to UWE  where he is a member of  the Dream Research Group.  He was a founding member of the British Sleep Society and an invited expert on the European research initiative and has worked as an expert witness for sleep, drugs and driving related cases.  He has authored over 70 conference papers and reports and  over 30 refereed articles, and  regularly presents at national and international conferences.  His current research includes the CRACKLE project in the cognitive neuroscience of decision-making as well as his work  in the effects of sleep loss, extended performance, sleep disorders, stress, complementary medicine and neutraceuticals or functional foods.  He collaborates with the UWE Dream Research Group, and with Bristol based artists for sleep performance events and has done media appearances for the Open University, All in the Mind, and the Today programme.


Sample of recent publications:

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Parker, J. and Alford, C. (2009) The dreams of male and female abstinent alcoholic’s in stage II recovery compared to non-alcholic controls: are the differences significant? International Journal of Dream Research, 2 (2). pp. 73-84. ISSN 1866-7953

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Alford, C., Boyes, T. and Edmunds, A. (2008) All in the cup or all in the mind – the effects of caffeine and belief of caffeine consumption on sleep and waking. In: Proceedings of the British Psychological Society, 2008.

Crew, A., Alford, C., Cowell, D. and Hart, J. (2007) Development of a novel electrochemical immuno-assay using a screen printed electrode for the determination of secretory immunoglobulin A in human sweat. Electrochimica Acta, 52 (16). pp. 5232-5237. ISSN 0013-4686