David Brookes



+44 (0)1242 714806
Department of Natural and Social Sciences, Francis Close Hall, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 4AZ, U.K.


After graduating as an applied biologist from Cardiff University, David worked at a local secondary school, supporting children with a variety of special educational needs. David was employed by the University of Gloucestershire in 1999 first as a Science Technician, supporting the Science teacher trainees in the Department of Education and then as a full-time Psychology technician post when the opportunity arose.  In the same year David completed his Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education (PGCFHE).

As a psychology technician David has helped set up and develop the practical experimental laboratory into a functioning working and teaching space and is keen to develop and experiment with new technologies and software. He is currently expanding on his key web skills to enhance the Psychology presence on the University website and has worked on numerous poster designs for the conference attendees. David has also been involved in promoting Psychology at the University at the internationally renowned Cheltenham Science Festival.

Working closely with the CRACKLE team David has helped support the installation of the EEG Lab, and received a certificate of training on the use and application of the principal NetStation software.


Catherwood, D., Edgar, G.K., Nikolla, D., Alford, C., Brookes, D., Baker, S., & White, S. (2014). Mapping brain activity during loss of Situation Awareness: an EEG investigation of a basis for top-down influence on perception. Human Factors, 56(8):1428-52.

Sallis, G., Catherwood, D., Edgar, G., Brookes, D., Medley, A. (2013). The human brain: trustworthy fire-fighting equipment? International Fire Professional, 5, 21-24.

Sallis, G., Catherwood, D., Edgar, G., Medley, A., & Brookes, D. (in press). Scoping the fireground: Assessing the range of information used by FRS personnel in fireground training exercises: Do firefighters always know what they don’t know? Fire.

Edgar, G., Catherwood, D., Sallis, G., & Brookes, D. (July, 2014). Mismatched actual and perceived situation awareness (SA) across different situations. 28th International Conference of Applied Psychology, Paris.

Conference presentations

Edgar , G., Catherwood, D., Edgar, H., Nikolla, D., Alford, C.,  & Brookes, D. (2008).  Use it or lose it: Selection of Information in Decision-making. 6th International Conference on Thinking, Venice International University, Venice, Italy.

Edgar, G., Catherwood, D., Edgar, H., Nikolla, D., Alford, C., & Brookes, D. (2008). Use it or lose it: selection of information for prediction of intent. Human Capability Research Open Day Conference,  Defence Academy,  Shrivenham.


RESEARCH WORKSHOPS and WEB CONFERENCES: FIREMIND RESEARCH PROJECT: Dr. Graham Edgar, Prof. Di Catherwood, Geoff Sallis, David Brookes, Steven Baker