Dai Jones

Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Email: djones@glos.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0) 1242 714753


I joined the University as a psychology lecturer in September 1995, having previously worked as a researcher in the area of speech recognition for the ministry of defence and in the Netherlands. I became Course Leader for Psychology in 1997, serving for seven years, and then served as Deputy Head of School for two years, with particular responsibility for social sciences. I’ve led psychology submissions for two major reviews, a QAA subject review, and a QAA discipline audit trail, and led the development of single honours Psychology, graduate diploma Psychology, joint honours Criminology, MSc Psychology in the Workplace, and MSc Occupational Psychology. Clearly much of my work involves academic development and QA, but I’m also interested in pedagogical uses of new technology.

Other Activities

  • Consultant Editor, Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology for BPS Blackwell
  • External Examiner, BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling, University of Huddersfield

Research Interests

  • Conceptual issues in psychology
  • Psychology and social issues
  • Psychological language
  • Pedagogy and e-Learning

Recent Publications

Tyson, P.; Jones, D. & Elcock, J. (Eds) (In preparation) Issues and debates in Psychology, oxford: BPS Blackwell

Fleming, S., Shire, J., Jones, D., Pill, A., & McNamee, M. (2004) Continuing Professional Development: suggestions for effective practice, Journal of Further and Higher Education, 28(2) pp 165-177

Jones, D. (2004) Charting the Development of the History of Psychology, American Journal of Psychology. 117(3)

Davey, G. (Ed.), Messer, D., Sterling, C., Albery, I., Chandler, C., Moore, S., Jones, D., Field, A. (2004)Complete Psychology. London: Hodder & Stoughton (Four chapters: “Theoretical approaches to psychology”, “psychology as science”, “Bias in psychology”, “Issues and debates in psychology”.)

Jones, D. & Elcock, J. (2001) History & Theories of Psychology: A Critical Perspective, London: Edward Arnold Publishers