CRACKLE Christmas Symposium 16th Dec

Xmas symposium


Human Resilience Symposium 2015

Dr Kerry Rees and Dr Claire Cooke were invited to present a talk in a symposium at Bristol University, which explored the concept and psychology of human resilience. Their talk entitled “Resilience, self-regulation and goal pursuit: What is resilience for?” explored the conceptual confusion associated with resilience and why humans possess resilience.

CRACKLE team extend research project with fire service partners in Belgium and the Netherlands

Dr. Graham Edgar and  Prof. Di Catherwood from CRACKLE and Geoff Sallis (Gloucestershire FRS) have recently returned from another successful visit to two more European partners in their Erasmus Plus FireMind project aimed at developing an online portal to support training of decision-making in the Fire and Rescue Services. The visits were to the Provincial Centre for Education and Training (of Emergency Services) in Genk, Belgium and also the Fire Service Academy in Arnhem, Netherlands. Both institutions have excellent facilities for helping to develop the FireMind tool and their staff will work on the project with the CRACKLE and Gloucestershire FRS and the other partners in Poland and Denmark.

Graham Edgar Geoff Sallis and Di Catherwood with senior staff involved in the FireMind Project at the Fire Service Training Academy, Arnhem, Netherlands.

CRACKLE Staff meet with ERASMUS PLUS Project Partners in Warsaw and Copenhagen

Graham Edgar, Geoff Sallis and Di Catherwood have begun working with partners from Poland and Denmark on their recently-awarded Erasmus Plus grant. They will also travel soon to meet with other partners in the Netherlands and Belgium. The project is aimed at developing an online training tool for firefighting  professionals to test and improve their decision-making and “situation awareness”.  The award-winning research of the CRACKLE team has shown that under extreme pressure individuals may tend in one of two directions:  either making decisions on too narrow a band of information or alternately trying to take in too much information all at once. Either tendency is due to the limits of all human brains and can lead to fatal errors of judgment.

CRACKLE members Geoff Sallis (Deputy Chief Fire Officer GFRS), Di Catherwood and Graham Edgar meeting in Warsaw with partners from the Research Institute of the State Fire Service of Poland National Headquarters

CRACKLE staff present at “From Crisis to Sustainable Well-being” Conference in Paris

Dr. Graham Edgar and Prof. Di Catherwood each presented papers last week at the International Applied Psychology ConferenceFrom Crisis to Sustainable Well-being” in Paris. Graham presented a paper detailing the latest results from the project on decision-making and situation-awareness being conducted with the Fire and Rescue Services (Edgar, Catherwood, Sallis, Brookes). Di discussed the results of related laboratory work on brain response during loss of understanding or situation awareness. Both projects are central to CRACKLE research aimed at understanding how the brain reacts under high-demand.

Above: Dr. Graham Edgar preparing to talk at the Paris Conference

Prof Di Catherwood presents keynote address at The Partnership Conference on Children’s Developmental Needs

Professor Di Catherwood presented a keynote address at Institute of Education’s Partnership Conference at the Park campus on Saturday 7th June on children’s diverse developmental needs.

Organized by Dr. Barbara Brown (Institute of Education and Public Services), the conference involved an enthusiastic audience of teachers, trainee teachers and other childhood professionals. It also featured a keynote presentation by Dr Marie Owen (consultant paediatrician at Gloucester Royal Hospital).

Di spoke on how current psychological neuroscience is advancing understanding of the development of the mind in childhood.

 Barbara Brown (left) and Prof Di Catherwood (right)

Dr. Barbara Brown and Prof. Di Catherwood at the partnership Conference on Children’s Diverse Developmental Needs